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The City of Windsor is developing a Sewer Master Plan to better understand flooding issues in the City. A website has been launched as part of the City’s Sewer Master Plan, which is an initiative to guide decision-making for municipal storm and sanitary sewer servicing across the City. The Master Plan will set standards for successful operation and maintenance of the City’s storm and sanitary sewer systems as well as identify, by priority, future upgrades and expansion requirements for the long term maintenance of the entire system. The Master Plan will take a system-wide approach to identify specific improvement projects that can be undertaken by the City to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of flooding caused by wet weather.

Visit for your one-stop source of information about the City of Windsor’s Sewer Master Plan. This site will serve as a resource for technical information and related engagement activities, including access to online surveys, quick polls, resources, and information about upcoming public meetings.

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