Recent significant events, such as rain induced flooding, increased water levels in the Great Lakes, and COVID-19 have all contributed to an increased awareness of the need for appropriate public safety measures. Everyone is responsible for the health, safety, and well being of our community.

All municipalities, large or small, are vulnerable to major community emergencies such as tornadoes, floods, blizzards, and power outages. When an emergency of this scale occurs, local municipalities are usually the first level of government to respond. However, municipalities are not alone in emergency response. Being prepared, as an individual citizen, and knowing what to do and what to expect will help you and your family to cope until help arrives, should an emergency or disaster affect your community.

Emergency Management

The City of Windsor has appointed Fire Chief Stephen Laforet as the Community Emergency Management Coordinator, along with an alternate, to assist the City’s Emergency Management Program Committee with the development, implementation and maintenance of emergency management programs in the city.

In the event of a local emergency, the City of Windsor Emergency Response Plan will be implemented by a team of trained individuals drawn from all sectors of the City.

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Emergency Preparedness section on the City of Windsor's website
Fire Chief Stephen Laforet