Windsor Fire & Rescue Services has instituted a lock box program. It is hoped owners will participate in order to reduce fire losses. Installation of lock boxes will provide the Fire Department with quick emergency access to possible fire emergencies. The program will eliminate valuable time lost waiting to gain access to buildings and thereby enable the Fire Department to respond more quickly.

Lock boxes could reduce costs to owners, such as overtime wages and will reduce inconvenience to owners or their representatives who now are required to attend when Fire Department access is required. Costs of damage to buildings will also be reduced when a fire emergency is determined by a perimeter search since Fire Department personnel will not be required to gain access by forcible entry.

If the Fire Department subsequently responds to an alarm at your building, they will enter the premises using the keys provided by you in the lock box only to complete an inspection for fire or emergency and, if necessary, deal with any emergency as required. The Fire Department will enter buildings for emergency purposes only.

If you, as a building owner, do not wish to participate in the lock box program, then the Fire Department will proceed as follows:

When an alarm comes in, the Fire Department will respond to the scene and take all reasonable precautions. If there are no visible signs of fire from an outside inspection of the building, the owner will be notified and vehicles will return to stations. Firefighting personnel will not wait at the scene for the owner or representative to arrive to gain access. If the owner or representative subsequently determines a fire emergency, the alarm will have to be called in and the Fire Department will respond immediately.

Should firefighters notice any visible signs that indicate an emergency condition exists; they will use forcible entry tactics to gain access to the building, which may result in damage to a door or window.

We encourage all building owners to participate in the program. Your cooperation will enhance the safety of lives and property in our city.

  • Owners will be required to enter into an agreement with the Windsor Fire & Rescue Services. The agreement will specify obligations of both parties.
  • Owners will be required to complete a contact form, and update as required.
  • A fee per building will be included as part of the agreement with building owners when signing up in the program.
  • All keys to lock boxes will be securely maintained by the Fire Department.
  • Owners should contact the Fire Prevention Division of the Fire Department, telephone 519-253-3016 ext 3721 to make arrangements for initial lock box set-up.