Would you like to learn about fire safety?

We can visit your school, educational group, community group, business or resident’s association in the City of Windsor to share information about fire safety and fire prevention.

Please email your request to firesafety@citywindsor.ca including the following information:

  • The name of your group, school or organization
  • Your contact information, including name and cell/phone number (and ext.)
  • The address where the presentation would take place
  • The approximate number of people that would attend
  • The age range of the participants
  • Any specific fire safety information needs
  • Preferred dates and times, keeping in mind that a presentation can take one to two hours depending on the group
  • If translated materials are required, please specify which languages

Here is some very valuable fire safety information. Please choose a category from the sidebar, and read through these informative guidelines to learn how you can avoid dangerous accidents. Please share this valuable information with those you care about.