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Emergency notifications, straight from the City of Windsor to you.

The Alerts Windsor System provides accurate and immediate emergency notifications from the City of Windsor to your cell, work, or home phones via text, email, or voice message.

The system will be used to provide important information to you in times of emergency like floods, tornado warnings, large fires, evacuation notices, boil water advisories etc.

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Information you will be asked:

  • Personal information: Your name, address and contact numbers and/or email
  • Location: You can choose to receive emergency alerts about specific neighborhoods, including around your home, or workplace
  • Preferred device: Select how you would like to be notified, and in what order: personal or work cell, email, phone, text message, etc.​
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Maintaining Your Information

If you move, change your contact information, or want to add additional people to your location, you ‘Sign In’ and update what is needed.

See the Windsor Alerts FAQ for more detailed information.

Windsor Alerts FAQVisit
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