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Student Accommodation – A Parent’s guide to finding fire-safe accommodation for students attending colleges or universities.

It’s vital to ensure fire safety is at the forefront of students’ minds. Our goal is to reinforce that awareness and educate students on how to prevent life-threatening situations from occurring and how to avert tragedy from striking.

For many students, attending college or university also involves a move to a new city and the search for affordable housing off campus. While affordability may be a key issue in determining where you will live, another consideration that must be paramount in the minds of both students and their families is fire safety.

Planning ahead for fire safety may be secondary to other issues such as studying, part-time work and socializing. Many young adults don’t believe that a fire will ever happen to them. Please take the time and watch the fire safety videos on and think about fire safety in your home …. every day!

The Ontario Fire Marshal’s office has prepared a document providing important information for parents and students as you prepare to select college or university accommodations.

Click the link below to download and view a very informative PDF, originally produced in 2006, but still contains helpful information to help you ensure you’ve chosen a living environment that is safe.

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